Packing for Disney #DisneySMMC 

I’m A Disney Mom

I was selected as a Disney mom back in December. My heart was really full of emotions I actually felt undeserving of something so big. Also, l was so proud of this moment, especially where my blog has brought me. I felt as if I had just conquered a dream of my wish list. My family and I were so excited to be traveling to Orlando and stay at one of their beautiful hotels (Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside) and experiencing the Disney cruise (Disney Wonder). Then I decided to surprise the boys with this trip as a Christmas present. The boys would ask me every day “Mommy, when are we leaving?” This was everyday. But, first I needed to pack.

I possess many skills, but packing isn’t one. I’m the type of person that creates a list in my mind. However, I don’t actually invest it into reality. I think many of you can relate to this. I know what outfits and accessories are needed, nonetheless I don’t pack them until it’s the last actual minute. Apart from packing for myself, I have to pack for my boys. I have to make certain that I have all the medications, toiletries and necessities. Especially traveling in the heat I need sunscreen and repellent.

My personal mommy must halves were also bundled in my check-in luggage due to the size. When you travel you must pack the items that you use often. The hair products and feminine products that I use every day. I share a couple of necessities that I require to travel with me to simply have me looking put together. And a makeup bag is a must, be filled with my top makeup brands that I utilize most often. Take what your little heart desires, but do it smart. 

When I travel I want to make sure to plan for cold nights and extremely hot days. One thing I wish to do is pack 3 pairs of sandals. I like to take one pair of shoes that match every look. And comfy sneakers to take on the tour. You really don’t need that much. I have invariably been that type of person that over packed, but not anymore. I make certain to pack the same way for my boys because it can become so overwhelming.

So this time around I tried to pack small and smart. I tried my best as if packing small was even possible. I simply wanted to take one check-in and two carry-on’s for four people. Disney was so kind to send us a Star war carry-on baggage. Which in reality was so helpful we were able to put the boys shoes in that one and in the other one Rogers and my shoes. The check-in luggage had our outfits and bathing suit. I made sure to roll the clothes instead of just folding them. I feel like everything fits better that way. The boys bought their book bags in which they carried, there iPad and iPhone. Having entertainment for my boys is always a big help.The best part about this whole new experience is that I’m able to take my family along. Remember to make yourself happy at all times. You have to enjoy what you love no matter what. Follow my journey, my dear readers (BeautyBeyondFashion_)

Holiday Fresh with Dove Dry Spray

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Staying fresh during the holidays is a chore in itself. The holidays bring so much joy and laughter. This holiday I will make it my mission to enjoy instead of racing. Relishing the moment has to be a priority. With all the racing at times you can’t even enjoy picking out your outfit. I want to enjoy doing my make-up and dressing up the boys. I simply want to make certain that I remember every holiday for all the beautiful moments and details.  

The happiness that my heart feels to see a table full of my love ones is just irreplaceable. Only to get to the dinner, I perpetually feel like I have the biggest to do list. So this year I have prepped a little better. I made sure to pick out the outfits and I have already confirmed the family dinners that we will go to. And most of all how to stay fresh. With all the craziness sometimes you forget one of the most important things. I forget my Dove dry spray deodorant because it’s the easiest thing on my list. Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry and provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection with all the care of Dove. 

The Dove dry spray is literally a life saver when you are running around. The best secret is that you can also carry it in your purse or in a small clutch. Ladies the dove dry spray antiperspirant fits anywhere and that’s the best trick. It’s a long lasting deodorant that lets you feel refreshed and clean. You don’t feel added powder it’s a spray mist with an added aroma. For the holidays you don’t ever want to be sitting next to a family member and having an odd scent. So my beauties make sure to eat every desert and remain fresh. P.S. Don’t forget to appreciate the moment. Don’t forget to follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_

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AVEENO #BellezaEspontanea

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Aveeno and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Bedtime and bath time are my favorite times of my day with my kids. These are times during my day that I come to interact with my children on a personal level. Bath time always comes with laughter and joy. And bedtime comes with kisses and love.  

My boys love to play around all the time, especially before bedtime. They seem more alert before bedtime. I’m thinking because most of the time bath time doesn’t relax them. This amazing summer my little ones became fishes, we kept our children very busy with BBQ parties and getaways. I made certain that the boys stayed hydrated and moisturized. Sometimes the sun can cause damage that can take a season to blend away. 

Every night and every morning I tried to keep their skin healthy with Aveeno. If we played along the beach or played under the sun I made sure to apply sunscreen. However, now that the cool breeze is coming in I’m starting to notice the dry patches. The itchy little spots that come out after the summertime dry skin. My oldest son Jayden doesn’t seem to be equally uncomfortable as my youngest. Baby Josiah is a little fireball and anything that irritates him, he will make sure you pick up.  

I love to try new products not just for myself, but also anything that my family can benefit from. Aveeno has become my new helper. I love the way my child’s skin reacts to the smoothing effects of Aveeno.  Aveeno works wonders on mild to moderate skin types eczema Aveeno balm repair is extremely moisturizing. I put this on my 8 and 4 year old sons at night and when they wake up, their skin is soft and clear. Aveeno is not rough and provides immediate relief.

Aveeno is my greatest helpmate mainly because it strengthens their skin. I tend to apply thickly before bed to reduce night time itching. Simply because my sons are no longer infants doesn’t mean I stop helping their skin, it means I have to teach them routines. Hence my suggestions for all moms looking for quality make sure to try Aveeno. Don’t forget to follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AVEENO. The opinions and text are all mine.

Occidental Xcaret

Expectations are always high when you want to take a vacation. I have always desired to be in a space that I can manually check out. I love to be with my family and build moments. As workaholics, we never get a chance to truly discover love for traveling. Our daily duties tie us down. With that being said, sometimes when opportunities arise you just have to say yes and go with it.  

I was fortunate enough to go to Mexico for our anniversary. Every other year we plan a big vacation or an awesome dinner. This year Occidental  Xcaret was so welcoming. For 7 days I was honored to be invited to Occidental for a deluxe living. They welcomed my family and me with open hands. Occidental Xcaret is a magnificent hotel with great adventure. Not alone did we enjoy the scenery we had endless meals. The amenities were desirable! Occidental welcomed my family and I like royalty. The hospitality was amazing and left us speechless! 

The hotel speaks for itself and the gorgeous beauty that it provides. No one that comes to Occidental Xcaret can ever feel let down. With great honesty, I would recommend Occidental Xcaret to anyone. Family or not Occidental is there to delight anyone’s taste of the lifestyle. I was able to laugh and dance, but most of all I was able to find serenity. I was at peace I experienced great moments of true happiness. No one ever teaches your mind to relax and learn to love again. On this vacation, I learned to listen, love, and infer.

True beauty comes from inside and gathered by positivity. Occidental is a place for seekers, for anyone who wants to experience new things. Occidental is surrounded by different parks that allow you to go and explore. Xcaret, Tulum, Xelha are some of the parks I visited. Xplor is one that we overlooked. The boys are a little too young to experience Xplor. Xplor is for an older daring group. I won’t say that we are not daring, but baby Josiah is too little to zip line or do any intense rides. However, Xplor is definitely a place that I would love to attend in the near future. If you are into near death experiences you might like Xplor. Everyone seemed to speak about it and excited to attend. So until next time I will be ready and the boys will be much older.  

Xcaret; is a park that is a walk away from the hotel or a 2 minute ride on a gorgeous sail boat. Xcaret is known for many things, but one I will like to add is breathtaking. The park is immense with 12 different activities. The activities are all very safe. Xcaret has a great team that allows you to feel secure. They require your safety more than anything. Some of the natural actions are in the ocean and some are with your sea beauty’s such as sharks. I didn’t book activities with sharks not only because I was genuinely scared, but because the boys are too young to join. Yet, at Xcaret we enjoyed the amazing rivers and beach.

The marine museum is also a must see. The activities in the aquarium seem daring. The children were able to touch the sea stars. I was actually freaking out. But what mom doesn’t freak out? I think I will constantly tend to overprotective. As the night went on we saw so many amazing animals. The boys were super excited about this! Yet, Xcaret gives you options you can either turn back to your hotel or stay on grounds. We opted to go back to the hotel and freshen up for the night show. The night show is actually a perfect dedication to our dear Mexico. The show consists of many different parts of Mexico’s most celebrated traditions. The music and dances are all from all over Mexico. The performers were not short from experts, they handed over a fantasy. As I sat in the audience, I felt such great honor to be Mexican. The show really finds you excited and you urge to see more. 

When moments gather your loved ones like our anniversary does it means the universe. Life to me is about moments and I have very high prospects. I love to care for my family as a priority. So I was pleased to have stayed at the Occidental Xcaret. The hotel is family oriented everyone greats you and puts up their services. When you are far away from home you want to be processed with great service. Occidental delivered and pampered us every day. Every day we enjoyed the pools the beach and the amazing eateries. The pampering never stopped, they made certain that we arrived every day in our hotel room and see a gorgeous layout of deserts or appetizers. Our anniversary was magical because Occidental is meant to work beyond your expectations. Thank you so much Occidental Xcaret your hospitality was perfection. Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_

Baby Jayden Turns 8


My baby Jayden turned 8 years old. Jayden is getting older, this brings so much joy to my spirit along with sadness. The fact is that he is getting older and the truth is my heart feels like I’m losing him. Life is a full circle and I realize that one day he will hold his own family. Today I want to protect him and keep him as youthful as possible. Nevertheless, those are my own selfish needs. So today, tomorrow and forever I want to establish memories that will last him a lifetime.  
So we decided to bring our son to Disney as his birthday gift. Jayden had no thought that he would be missing school or even heading to Disney. I wanted everything to be a surprise. Once we arrived at the airport, I even noted that we were only watching planes take off. Hence, I don’t genuinely think he fell for that one, but I still tried to keep it a secret. Once we arrived to the hotel he finally opened his magic band box. We screamed surprise!!! You are going to Disney both Jayden and Josiah screamed with full excitement.  

I was ready to relish every single moment from parks to beaches. Let’s simply say we had a busy agenda. The first morning we set off to Magic Kingdom. Magic kingdom is the place that reminds you that you can dream again, no matter what age you are. As soon as you walk in the castle takes over your view. You see nothing else but the beauty of the scene. The boys rose and screamed to see what else Magic Kingdom had to offer. From displays and rides everything was a dream. However the dreaming didn’t stop there the parades and attractions made you forget about the heat. The boys seemed hot, but they kept active and excited to take onto the next attraction. 

I was simply excited to see their expressions and how much joy they felt. Magic kingdom is magical and filled with amazing rides. Our days were long in each park, but we managed to take the boys in most of the rides and see the plays. I believe that they loved everything about the Magic Kingdom. As the day ended, we didn’t hesitate to eat at the amazing eateries and enjoy the churro stands. The next days were also booked with Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  

My boys love animals so we wanted to host Jayden’s actual birthday at Animal Kingdom. It was so liberating everyone enjoyed each other’s company. People were dancing and just having so much fun. The boys walked around the grounds and they simply seemed to be living in that moment with so much happiness. The tree of life honestly is life, it brings out so much joy. The rides, especially had me panicking but they boys didn’t seem to worry. What I really liked about Animal Kingdom was the shade that we sustained from the trees. It honestly helped us manage better with the heat.  

Jayden had all the Disney characters come out and sing to him. Jayden was so glad and thrilled to see all the characters especially his favorite Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney characters gave Jayden a special gift and wished him a Happy birthday. The day was long, but Roger and I were over the moon to see our children so happy in such a magical space.  We also added a helicopter ride to the list of things to do. Which by the way I was freaking out like a typical mom.  
The days that we were at the hotel we enjoyed the pool and still managed to travel to Clearwater and Saratoga. The beaches in Orlando are truly beautiful I felt as if I had gone into a jacuzzi. The boys enjoyed making sand castles and running around. As for myself, I just lay in the water, it was so awesome. The nearby restaurants were so cute and the food was to die for.   Everything was perfect for Jayden’s birthday getaway. The last attraction park we attended was the Hollywood studios. It was so unique and fun! The amount of history was amazing to watch.  

I have to also prepare a confession, I truly dislike rides. For my baby Jayden we all decided to ride the Tower of Terror, which by the way was so scary and I believed I was going to die. But needless to say I could crack it off my to do list. The whole Disney experience with my family was truly a blessing and full of magic. I will go back in a heartbeat. So on that note, my dear readers, don’t forget to follow my journey @BeautyBeyondFashion_  and take over your dreams.

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The best kept secret #AlwaysFresh


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Always and Latina Bloggers Connect. I’m a mommy of two that enjoys the daily task, nevertheless, that comes with a great workout. After having children your body needs to stay in shape. So let’s simply say that yes, mommy responsibilities is so important, simply staying fit is also adding to the perfect life. Moving around is part of my routine, I never have a moment to really stay put during the day. Then to add to my day I love to use my Always fresh panty liners. With all the errands that I do, I honestly love to stay refreshed and I think all women would agree with me. I believe that my best kept secret is out.

It’s so important for me to feel comfortable and Always gives me the confidence and comfort that I ask. So if you wanted to know one of my secrets, it’s “Always Fresh“. The perfect little package catches your attention immediately let’s just start there. Ever since my high school years I have gravitated to the brand. When you love a brand so much you never want to be disappointed and Always has never disappointed. I have always remained fresh and clean. Mommy mode or gym mode Always fresh has me feeling fresh. “Always Sheer Dailies” goes unnoticed with protection and shower clean scent.

So wherever you are in addition to your panty liners you can as well add your always wipes. Believe me ladies and moms they fit perfectly in your gym bag, diaper bag or your everyday bag. Perfect for a long after your gym routines and perfection for a day well spent outdoors. Wipes are not exclusively meant for our children they are also provided for us ladies. Sometimes a panty liner can last you a long day, however the best part is when you need a new one and it’s right in your bag. When you pull it out no one even recognizes what it is because the wrapping is exclusively cute. So if you wanted to know one of my secrets it’s Always Fresh. Follow my journey my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_


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