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Packing for Disney #DisneySMMC 

I’m A Disney Mom

I was selected as a Disney mom back in December. My heart was really full of emotions I actually felt undeserving of something so big. Also, l was so proud of this moment, especially where my blog has brought me. I felt as if I had just conquered a dream of my wish list. My family and I were so excited to be traveling to Orlando and stay at one of their beautiful hotels (Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside) and experiencing the Disney cruise (Disney Wonder). Then I decided to surprise the boys with this trip as a Christmas present. The boys would ask me every day “Mommy, when are we leaving?” This was everyday. But, first I needed to pack.

I possess many skills, but packing isn’t one. I’m the type of person that creates a list in my mind. However, I don’t actually invest it into reality. I think many of you can relate to this. I know what outfits and accessories are needed, nonetheless I don’t pack them until it’s the last actual minute. Apart from packing for myself, I have to pack for my boys. I have to make certain that I have all the medications, toiletries and necessities. Especially traveling in the heat I need sunscreen and repellent.

My personal mommy must halves were also bundled in my check-in luggage due to the size. When you travel you must pack the items that you use often. The hair products and feminine products that I use every day. I share a couple of necessities that I require to travel with me to simply have me looking put together. And a makeup bag is a must, be filled with my top makeup brands that I utilize most often. Take what your little heart desires, but do it smart. 

When I travel I want to make sure to plan for cold nights and extremely hot days. One thing I wish to do is pack 3 pairs of sandals. I like to take one pair of shoes that match every look. And comfy sneakers to take on the tour. You really don’t need that much. I have invariably been that type of person that over packed, but not anymore. I make certain to pack the same way for my boys because it can become so overwhelming.

So this time around I tried to pack small and smart. I tried my best as if packing small was even possible. I simply wanted to take one check-in and two carry-on’s for four people. Disney was so kind to send us a Star war carry-on baggage. Which in reality was so helpful we were able to put the boys shoes in that one and in the other one Rogers and my shoes. The check-in luggage had our outfits and bathing suit. I made sure to roll the clothes instead of just folding them. I feel like everything fits better that way. The boys bought their book bags in which they carried, there iPad and iPhone. Having entertainment for my boys is always a big help.The best part about this whole new experience is that I’m able to take my family along. Remember to make yourself happy at all times. You have to enjoy what you love no matter what. Follow my journey, my dear readers (BeautyBeyondFashion_)

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