Occidental Xcaret

Expectations are always high when you want to take a vacation. I have always desired to be in a space that I can manually check out. I love to be with my family and build moments. As workaholics, we never get a chance to truly discover love for traveling. Our daily duties tie us down. With that being said, sometimes when opportunities arise you just have to say yes and go with it.  

I was fortunate enough to go to Mexico for our anniversary. Every other year we plan a big vacation or an awesome dinner. This year Occidental  Xcaret was so welcoming. For 7 days I was honored to be invited to Occidental for a deluxe living. They welcomed my family and me with open hands. Occidental Xcaret is a magnificent hotel with great adventure. Not alone did we enjoy the scenery we had endless meals. The amenities were desirable! Occidental welcomed my family and I like royalty. The hospitality was amazing and left us speechless! 

The hotel speaks for itself and the gorgeous beauty that it provides. No one that comes to Occidental Xcaret can ever feel let down. With great honesty, I would recommend Occidental Xcaret to anyone. Family or not Occidental is there to delight anyone’s taste of the lifestyle. I was able to laugh and dance, but most of all I was able to find serenity. I was at peace I experienced great moments of true happiness. No one ever teaches your mind to relax and learn to love again. On this vacation, I learned to listen, love, and infer.

True beauty comes from inside and gathered by positivity. Occidental is a place for seekers, for anyone who wants to experience new things. Occidental is surrounded by different parks that allow you to go and explore. Xcaret, Tulum, Xelha are some of the parks I visited. Xplor is one that we overlooked. The boys are a little too young to experience Xplor. Xplor is for an older daring group. I won’t say that we are not daring, but baby Josiah is too little to zip line or do any intense rides. However, Xplor is definitely a place that I would love to attend in the near future. If you are into near death experiences you might like Xplor. Everyone seemed to speak about it and excited to attend. So until next time I will be ready and the boys will be much older.  

Xcaret; is a park that is a walk away from the hotel or a 2 minute ride on a gorgeous sail boat. Xcaret is known for many things, but one I will like to add is breathtaking. The park is immense with 12 different activities. The activities are all very safe. Xcaret has a great team that allows you to feel secure. They require your safety more than anything. Some of the natural actions are in the ocean and some are with your sea beauty’s such as sharks. I didn’t book activities with sharks not only because I was genuinely scared, but because the boys are too young to join. Yet, at Xcaret we enjoyed the amazing rivers and beach.

The marine museum is also a must see. The activities in the aquarium seem daring. The children were able to touch the sea stars. I was actually freaking out. But what mom doesn’t freak out? I think I will constantly tend to overprotective. As the night went on we saw so many amazing animals. The boys were super excited about this! Yet, Xcaret gives you options you can either turn back to your hotel or stay on grounds. We opted to go back to the hotel and freshen up for the night show. The night show is actually a perfect dedication to our dear Mexico. The show consists of many different parts of Mexico’s most celebrated traditions. The music and dances are all from all over Mexico. The performers were not short from experts, they handed over a fantasy. As I sat in the audience, I felt such great honor to be Mexican. The show really finds you excited and you urge to see more. 

When moments gather your loved ones like our anniversary does it means the universe. Life to me is about moments and I have very high prospects. I love to care for my family as a priority. So I was pleased to have stayed at the Occidental Xcaret. The hotel is family oriented everyone greats you and puts up their services. When you are far away from home you want to be processed with great service. Occidental delivered and pampered us every day. Every day we enjoyed the pools the beach and the amazing eateries. The pampering never stopped, they made certain that we arrived every day in our hotel room and see a gorgeous layout of deserts or appetizers. Our anniversary was magical because Occidental is meant to work beyond your expectations. Thank you so much Occidental Xcaret your hospitality was perfection. Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_