Baby Jayden Turns 8


My baby Jayden turned 8 years old. Jayden is getting older, this brings so much joy to my spirit along with sadness. The fact is that he is getting older and the truth is my heart feels like I’m losing him. Life is a full circle and I realize that one day he will hold his own family. Today I want to protect him and keep him as youthful as possible. Nevertheless, those are my own selfish needs. So today, tomorrow and forever I want to establish memories that will last him a lifetime.  
So we decided to bring our son to Disney as his birthday gift. Jayden had no thought that he would be missing school or even heading to Disney. I wanted everything to be a surprise. Once we arrived at the airport, I even noted that we were only watching planes take off. Hence, I don’t genuinely think he fell for that one, but I still tried to keep it a secret. Once we arrived to the hotel he finally opened his magic band box. We screamed surprise!!! You are going to Disney both Jayden and Josiah screamed with full excitement.  

I was ready to relish every single moment from parks to beaches. Let’s simply say we had a busy agenda. The first morning we set off to Magic Kingdom. Magic kingdom is the place that reminds you that you can dream again, no matter what age you are. As soon as you walk in the castle takes over your view. You see nothing else but the beauty of the scene. The boys rose and screamed to see what else Magic Kingdom had to offer. From displays and rides everything was a dream. However the dreaming didn’t stop there the parades and attractions made you forget about the heat. The boys seemed hot, but they kept active and excited to take onto the next attraction. 

I was simply excited to see their expressions and how much joy they felt. Magic kingdom is magical and filled with amazing rides. Our days were long in each park, but we managed to take the boys in most of the rides and see the plays. I believe that they loved everything about the Magic Kingdom. As the day ended, we didn’t hesitate to eat at the amazing eateries and enjoy the churro stands. The next days were also booked with Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  

My boys love animals so we wanted to host Jayden’s actual birthday at Animal Kingdom. It was so liberating everyone enjoyed each other’s company. People were dancing and just having so much fun. The boys walked around the grounds and they simply seemed to be living in that moment with so much happiness. The tree of life honestly is life, it brings out so much joy. The rides, especially had me panicking but they boys didn’t seem to worry. What I really liked about Animal Kingdom was the shade that we sustained from the trees. It honestly helped us manage better with the heat.  

Jayden had all the Disney characters come out and sing to him. Jayden was so glad and thrilled to see all the characters especially his favorite Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney characters gave Jayden a special gift and wished him a Happy birthday. The day was long, but Roger and I were over the moon to see our children so happy in such a magical space.  We also added a helicopter ride to the list of things to do. Which by the way I was freaking out like a typical mom.  
The days that we were at the hotel we enjoyed the pool and still managed to travel to Clearwater and Saratoga. The beaches in Orlando are truly beautiful I felt as if I had gone into a jacuzzi. The boys enjoyed making sand castles and running around. As for myself, I just lay in the water, it was so awesome. The nearby restaurants were so cute and the food was to die for.   Everything was perfect for Jayden’s birthday getaway. The last attraction park we attended was the Hollywood studios. It was so unique and fun! The amount of history was amazing to watch.  

I have to also prepare a confession, I truly dislike rides. For my baby Jayden we all decided to ride the Tower of Terror, which by the way was so scary and I believed I was going to die. But needless to say I could crack it off my to do list. The whole Disney experience with my family was truly a blessing and full of magic. I will go back in a heartbeat. So on that note, my dear readers, don’t forget to follow my journey @BeautyBeyondFashion_  and take over your dreams.

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