Pure Energy Aveda

The fragrance as I walked into Aveda was honestly calming. I was a greeted with a cup of coffee that was much needed. Let’s just say the pampering started as I walked in. I felt relaxed and in great hands. I think that you as a woman you always want to walk in and be treated like a queen and Aveda didn’t fail.

As I enjoyed my cup of coffee, I chatted with the beautiful Janelle about how Aveda is a product that preserves your hair healthy and keeps it hydrated. Aveda hydrates your hair & moisturizes 95% ingredients are mostly natural and organic. Aveda has a collection of makeup as well and it does operate to perfection. I was so excited to see what Janelle can do with my hair. We talked about colors and styling. But most importantly, we talked about maintaining my hair healthy.

In my opinion you can have the best service, but the real work needs to tally. Pure Energy Hair Studio conquered exactly what I desired. I desired to have healthy hair without having to add so many damaging products. I desired to have strength added to my hair. Janelle meets my expectations and perfected the perfect gloss. If I ever desire to go back to my blonde locks I definitely know where to proceed. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be pampered and take in beautiful hair.

Lads and ladies when it comes down to your hair don’t ever settle. For a long time I was in denial. I ultimately found a place that attends to me despite a room full of customers. Hand massage, coffee refills and best of all priceless hair treatment. Thank you Aveda and Pure Energy for giving my hair life again. Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_