Turning 29 

Expectations are very far and in between. As the years pass me by I feel like I’m racing time. This is the last year in my 20’s since I just turned 29. It’s bitter sweet I couldn’t even blow out my candles because I fear my 30’s. I really have taken time for granted. I don’t wish to rewind time I like to slow it down.

 I don’t know what’s worst seeing my children get older or noticing my own years. I do believe in living the moment with great people around me. As I get older I start to understand that I have to live for me and accomplish for my loved ones. Life should not ever be taken for granted. Life should be explored and valued. So this year my biggest wish is to enjoy and laugh more than ever.

The fact is I’m becoming older. I have become very strong and I love that with age I have also gained so much bravery. Courage and strength are both amazing qualities to attain. The older I get I also feel more confident. As a mother, friend and lover I want to excel. I don’t want short cuts to temporary friendships. I want to build long lasting friendships.  Reminder love the space you are in. Follow my journey my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_

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