January Favorites with L’Oreal

Life predictions are no longer speculations gravity is against us ladies. I have been a huge fan of moisturizing and staying away from clutter. And when I say clutter, I mean makeup. I love to hand select my preferred products. Particularly anything that will go directly to my face.  

Allow me to start off with my January favorites. The marque will not surprise you, but the products might. I’m obsessing over L’Oreal and what the products have to offer. I enjoy the quality and L’Oreal is a perfect drugstore brand the makes you feel like Chanel. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t desire to feel like a million bucks. I enjoy the scents and most of all I love the packaging. 

What beauty doesn’t love to glow? L’Oreal has come to our rescue and has manifested my favorite glow illuminator. I received two amazing options ice glace and golden dore. I’m usually against anything that contains liquid as a highlighter. Liquid highlighters for me can truly be messy, but the L’Oreal glow Illuminators are priceless. They really enhance your features. The beautiful lip stains are beyond stunning.  Let’s just say ladies you need it in your life.  Follow my journey my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_