Goodbye 2015

Well, Christmas came and went away. I’m thus excited to welcome a joyful new year. 2016 will be extraordinary and full of visual sensations. Glam with me and create a fun look. I will include some of my favorite beauty products. I will as well include some promo codes for you and your loved ones. Consider this post as a holiday glam look.

I have many hair products, but my most favorite products are from Luxury for princess (Promo Code: Yessenia). I love to style my hair with their new Luxury for princess wand set. I love this item for many reasons. It’s the perfect endowment for the holiday season or for any type of gift. And it produces the perfect curls. I also love my luxury for princess extensions and they are honestly the perfect gift. If you know anyone who loves extensions this will totally make 2016 the best New Year.

For this look I used my amazing Urban Decay shadows. As for my lips, I used my L’Oreal lip stain. It is the perfect shade if you don’t want to go red. It gives your lips the perfect vibrant color that you desire without pushing for red. The eyebrows are always enhanced with Anastasia brow bar. The glow still remains with the Mac highlighter. I simply can’t give up on Mac.

This glamorous dress I bought at Macy’s. It was so pretty and it possessed the perfect split. The stones were then pretty it added the glam. I adore anything that is lace with a spin on classic. My nude heels from Lolashoetiquedolls never fail. They are just perfect for any occasion.  (Promo Code: Yessenia)

My vision board for 2016 will have my heart in it. I believe that the type of person that I have been was not selfish enough. I desire to live the moment with no regrets and paint my canvas with memories. I enjoy creating but I don’t want to create anymore without my heart. I want to stay more intuitive with my own goals. Always dream to be more upright and live to love beyond measures.  Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_