Blending In 

 A purpose, I desire to live a life full of joy. This message is really based on how the unexpected occurs. In one moment life is perfect you can’t imagine fearing or hurting. The next minute you have devastation. November arrived with many revelations and life changing moments. I believe that I reevaluated my career and my circle. With pain in my heart, I can state that this post is dedicated to life. Live a life that will leave a mark. 


My advice to anyone who fears or is struggling is take a moment and get away. Take a moment and open your eyes to what genuinely makes you happy. We recently had a devastating time in our household. Which reminded us how short life really is. Like my mother said, “We simply have one contract in life and that is death”. Sad but honestly, this is true. Hence this post will be short and a reminder to live for today and pray that tomorrow will be full of happiness.  Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_

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