Skin Care Routine 

Happy Thursday, I simply came to the realization that Monday’s will never feel any love from me, but I’m excited that it’s Thursday. However, I also realized that I had begun to obsess over any cream that will spare me from breakouts and aging. My skin is honestly my worst foe. I have birthmarks and unwanted blemishes that not only annoy me, but won’t actually go away. I have learned to live with the blemishes on my legs, but have learned how to take guardianship of my skin.

For many years I imagined that my skin would never age. I’m not pleased, to articulate this “It’s aging”. I begin to see the wrinkles #BabyWrinkles. Nothing major, but enough for me to acknowledge it. So let me tell you something, I have discovered some awesome skin care must haves. 

Let’s start off with peroxide, Yes peroxide, it’s my first measure on my cleanse routine. Peroxide dries up the defects. I’m careful in applying the peroxide so I won’t dry my face to drastically. After I apply with a dry cotton pad from Ulta I can immediately feel the difference. I allow it to simmer down and execute its job before applying my next step.

All the steps by far are my favorite. Who doesn’t desire to feel refreshed? Yet, when I apply my L’Oreal and meaningful beauty by Cindy Crawford my skin just radiates. Yes, I love my makeup, but skin treatments are so significant. I love trying new creams that help my skin appear flawless and I have my must haves. So my dear readers, don’t forget to follow my journey BeautyBeyondFashion_