Ok, so this foundation ok has no secrets. It hides all imperfections and it truly last all day. Foundations that last most of the day is truly a joy to my essence. I get addicted to anything that enhances my beauty and Rimmel does it for me. A mommy like myself breaks a sweat so why not go with a foundation that works for me.


In my opinion the best part about the Rimmel foundation is that it blends so well. My look is flawless with summer or fall weather you honestly don’t break a sweat. It literally matches my skin perfectly I use the color classic beige. Normally I have to mix foundations, simply with the Rimmel I don’t have to. Let’s simply say for now I’m hooked.

Frankly, you can achieve the perfect look by taking care of your skin and the right foundation. All you require are your brushes (Sendona Lace) and your beauty blender. The remainder is up to you and your skills. I believe that if you have a great makeup station everything is perfect. You are capable to acquire any look you desire. Follow my journey, my dear readers BeautyBeyondFashion_