My Dear Diary, motivation comes from within originality is displayed.  Becoming your own superior is always an aspiration come true. Regional Makeup Artist Nick Caridi is living his vision today.   I was one of the lucky Mommiez to become a part of his art.  I was transformed from a Mommiez typical makeup day to a flawless night out.

Tricks are not only for magicians they are very well-known in the Make-up artist industry also.  Nick has traveled the world of Malls and has learned the different arts of Make-up.  From country to country he describes Make-Up artist not always being given a title and have so much talent because they have created a unique way of applying Make-Up.  Nick didn’t shy away he showed me some  incredible tips, and manifested his great talent.  Nick applied the Make-Up with great technique and a master at his talent.

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